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the lotus momma

Sunday, January 30, 2011

my husband's only yoga pose

photo credit:
yoga pose of the week:
legs up the wall, Viparita Karani

yes, it is exactly what it sounds like
you lay on the floor and put your legs up the wall
not only does my husband tell me it is his favorite yoga pose I have ever taught him
he also once told me it was his favorite thing I ever taught him
we have been together for 11 years in a few days
I have taught him a lot of things
this must be one amazing yoga pose

although, it does not look like much
5-10 minutes in this position will change the rest of your day
all of that blood that has drifted to the bottom half of your body
(particularly, for desk dwellers)
 flows in the opposite direction, back towards your heart and back towards your head
this pose can give you as much energy as an afternoon nap
(without the drool stains on your desk)
it relieves tired feet and legs
(for those of you who do not spend your day at a desk)
gravity will drop your legs and hips down into a more natural position
for your lower back
sweet relief

you don't need to believe me
for you will find these things to be true yourself
it will soon be Monday, afterall
and Monday is a good day to start new healthy routines
you can't push down your cubicle walls
(man, i love that movie)
so throw you legs up the wall

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

homies' time!

I understand that the title may be misleading, but hope that you won't be disappointed for long.  Although I am new to blogging myself, I am not new to loving blogs.  That is why "The Homies" nominations are one of my favorite times of the year.  The Apartment Therapy blogs (also including re-nest, ohdeedoh, unplggd, and kitchn) do a round-up every year of the best design blogs in the areas of general, green, children, technology and food.  Its the perfect time to find new favorites and renewed inspiration.  Although I have only had time to do a quick scan of this year's nominees, here are my favorites so far: 

Children's design blog: lilmagoolie.  I like the round-ups of cool, mom-friendly products and crafty diy projects.

Technology blog: wired magazine's gadget lab.  Okay, so there were only two nominees, and I was not particularly excited about either, but thought these iphone cases that turn your phone into a ping-pong paddle were awesome!  Good news for you techies out there...start a blog on the subject and Wired Magazine is pretty much your only competition.

Cooking blog: 101cookbooks.  To me, nothing beats Smitten Kitchen--coincidentally, a past Homies winner--but the photographs in this vegetarian blog are stunning.  All of the dishes look like something you would eat on a rejuvenating yoga retreat in the woods, which is obviously a life I sometimes like to pretend I am living.

Green blog: babygreendesign.  This one's a two-fer...both a green blog and a kids' blog.  They had me at their eco-friendly kids' bookshelf round-up.  It is particularly impressive that this blog is under a year old.

Overall favorite: greengoody.  So, I must have gotten click-happy.  I don't think this blog made the final cut for any of the categories, but I am in love with the author's impeccable taste and subtle humor.  There is a little bit of everything here...products, projects, recipes and more with an environmentally-friendly focus.  [postscript: found it!  it was a past winner]

For all of the nominees, go to Apartment Therapy.  Go to the subpage of your preference for more specialized lists!  Happy blog hunting.  Of course, it won't hurt my feelings if you decide you only have time to read mine ;)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

chorizo tortas...well, kinda

I am married to a Mexican who moved to the United States as a child.  He has one of the most amazing mothers... ever (no pressure!).  Perhaps I am able to get along with my mother-in-law so well because we don't speak the same language?  I'd like to think that we'd be great friends, regardless.  The issue is, of course, is that there is no possible way that I could live up to her in my husband's eyes, whom I regularly refer to as the oldest son of a Mexican mother-- as though that description, in a nutshell, sums him up. 

I do try.  Tonight I am making chorizo tortas for dinner, which are his favorite artery-clogging  memory of home.  Of course, in our neighborhood, there are no fresh tortas, so I will make due with hamburger buns.  I am sure Whole Foods means well, but the sausage doesn't crumble quite right (maybe because the fat content is not as high, which is probably for the better).  I will add avacado, tomato and pretend that mayo is just as good as the Mexican version of sour cream his mom slathers on her sandwiches.  Even though I typically think it is rediculous, I will place a paper towel on the plate under the sandwich because it somehow makes it feel more authentic (and quite practically soaks up all the grease).  I will not pull out the extra bread like his mom does so that it is mostly just crust-filled sausage delight.  He can do this himself.  Therein lies the issue--I will try, but not that hard.  They are a really good interpretation, but the real thing is much better. 

I wonder what you do to incorporate your partner's childhood traditions into your now-shared life?

smells like breakfast

helps you smell like maple-syrup
I knew that motherhood would often be joyous and often be extremely difficult.  It is the moments of down-right odd that strike me most.  I started having low milk-production over the holidays and as I transitioned out of the workplace.  On some other nursing moms' advice, I began taking the herbal remedy, fenugreek.  Amongst other properties and uses, fenugreek is sometimes the "artificial flavoring" in "maple-syrup".  Sure enough, after a few days of use (medical and lactation websites assure me is a sign that I am using the appropriate dosage), I smell like maple syrup.  When I work out, the rise in body temperature makes me smell like warm milk (at least that means the fenugreek is working?).  And most days (by most I mean every), I smell like the coffee I lovingly push through my veins, dedicated to maintaining some semblance--or at least facade--of a non-exhausted and functioning human being.  Maple syrup, warm milk, coffee.  Eau de mommyhood--my style.  No one tells you that motherhood smells like breakfast.

Monday, January 24, 2011

my first day as a nanny

On day one, I fell in love with my son all over again. A new baby is in our home, clearly upset and DLO keeps flashing me this face, like, "We got this, Mom. Don't worry."  He talked and smiled and smiled and talked, as though encouraging nannychild to stop crying.  I couldn't help but laugh out loud and told him with my eyes, "thank you."  Even if you are an absolute terror the rest of the day, rest of the week...thank you for giving me the confidence and affirmation that this was the right choice for us.  Now a week later, I'm still convinced becoming a stay-at-home nanny was a brilliant idea each time he opens his eyes from a nap and wriggles with delight that I am still here.  As blog posts go...Boring? Maybe.  Real-life?  Yes.