the lotus momma

the lotus momma

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm asking: Do you have no-cost solutions for spring cleaning closets?

Staying home with newborns, amongst so many other things, means no more sheath dresses and no more suits.  My closet has not gotten the memo.  It also doesn't know that I'm no longer pregnant and in need of my maternity clothes.  It has already received and swallowed up my  new "mommy wardrobe" of leggings and tunics.  Something nees to be done.   

So when one of my favorite blogs has a post on spring cleaning your closet, I naively think "perfect" and click away.  My enthusiasm does not last long.  The tips and tricks are rediculous for those of us who proudly live in a small space and/or on a budget.  For example, to increase my space, I could just convert one of my extra rooms into a closet!!! (why didn't I think of that?);  I could put down a beautiful rug and hang a chandelier to make my closet feel more luxurious and less stressful (I don't even have space/money for these in my living room); or I could buy hundreds of dollars worth of new organizing products to convert my closet into a more workable space.  Fail.

Despite what I am sure were the best intentions of that author, I decided that I need to proceed with common sense, no-cost set of rules and am looking for you input.

Check out my before (feel free to judge harshly):

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