the lotus momma

the lotus momma

Thursday, January 27, 2011

homies' time!

I understand that the title may be misleading, but hope that you won't be disappointed for long.  Although I am new to blogging myself, I am not new to loving blogs.  That is why "The Homies" nominations are one of my favorite times of the year.  The Apartment Therapy blogs (also including re-nest, ohdeedoh, unplggd, and kitchn) do a round-up every year of the best design blogs in the areas of general, green, children, technology and food.  Its the perfect time to find new favorites and renewed inspiration.  Although I have only had time to do a quick scan of this year's nominees, here are my favorites so far: 

Children's design blog: lilmagoolie.  I like the round-ups of cool, mom-friendly products and crafty diy projects.

Technology blog: wired magazine's gadget lab.  Okay, so there were only two nominees, and I was not particularly excited about either, but thought these iphone cases that turn your phone into a ping-pong paddle were awesome!  Good news for you techies out there...start a blog on the subject and Wired Magazine is pretty much your only competition.

Cooking blog: 101cookbooks.  To me, nothing beats Smitten Kitchen--coincidentally, a past Homies winner--but the photographs in this vegetarian blog are stunning.  All of the dishes look like something you would eat on a rejuvenating yoga retreat in the woods, which is obviously a life I sometimes like to pretend I am living.

Green blog: babygreendesign.  This one's a two-fer...both a green blog and a kids' blog.  They had me at their eco-friendly kids' bookshelf round-up.  It is particularly impressive that this blog is under a year old.

Overall favorite: greengoody.  So, I must have gotten click-happy.  I don't think this blog made the final cut for any of the categories, but I am in love with the author's impeccable taste and subtle humor.  There is a little bit of everything here...products, projects, recipes and more with an environmentally-friendly focus.  [postscript: found it!  it was a past winner]

For all of the nominees, go to Apartment Therapy.  Go to the subpage of your preference for more specialized lists!  Happy blog hunting.  Of course, it won't hurt my feelings if you decide you only have time to read mine ;)

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