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the lotus momma

Sunday, January 30, 2011

my husband's only yoga pose

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yoga pose of the week:
legs up the wall, Viparita Karani

yes, it is exactly what it sounds like
you lay on the floor and put your legs up the wall
not only does my husband tell me it is his favorite yoga pose I have ever taught him
he also once told me it was his favorite thing I ever taught him
we have been together for 11 years in a few days
I have taught him a lot of things
this must be one amazing yoga pose

although, it does not look like much
5-10 minutes in this position will change the rest of your day
all of that blood that has drifted to the bottom half of your body
(particularly, for desk dwellers)
 flows in the opposite direction, back towards your heart and back towards your head
this pose can give you as much energy as an afternoon nap
(without the drool stains on your desk)
it relieves tired feet and legs
(for those of you who do not spend your day at a desk)
gravity will drop your legs and hips down into a more natural position
for your lower back
sweet relief

you don't need to believe me
for you will find these things to be true yourself
it will soon be Monday, afterall
and Monday is a good day to start new healthy routines
you can't push down your cubicle walls
(man, i love that movie)
so throw you legs up the wall

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