the lotus momma

the lotus momma

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

chocolate: for better and for worse

For better:

If you are going to indulge in chocolate gifting for valentine's day, why not go for something a bit more special than a drugstore boxed selection?  Here are four chocolate's I wish I was getting for the holiday (or really anyday!). 

For worse:

You would think, based on my comments above that I was a reasonable chocolate eater, holding out for "special" and dutifully snubbing pedestrian chocolate-eating opportunities.  I would have you seriously fooled.  Not only would I eat nearly any chocolate in front of me [except for this chocolate-sauced beef strip I recently saw on semi-homemade...bleck], I would eat nearly any sugar put in front of me.  Like many Americans, I seem to be completely addicted to sugar and unsure how to break the habit.  Oh sure, I know how.  Everything in moderation. 

However, the amazing treats I highlighted above would be consumed in this fashion if they entered my home (assuming most of them come in packs of four): 1. eaten immediately--to show gratitude to the gift-giver, of course; 2. shared with the gift-giver--I am not greedy; 3. eaten after dinner--need something sweet to make me feel like I finished the meal; 4. eaten for breakfast the next morning--I simply could not resist.  Then, they would be gone.  And, worse yet, I would already be searching for the next sugar fix.  This is not the example I want to set for my DLO and nannychild.  I also know that this path is only setting me up for serious health-problems.   

Working at home both eases the challenge and has set me up to face new problems as I strive to bring balance to my diet (and life).  On one hand, I don't have the ever-beckoning call of the office vending machine, meetings with sugary treats, and shared goodies in the kitchen.  On the other hand, if something is in my house, it doesn't cost me any money to go and finish it off.  When I take the kids out for walks, for some reason I feel like I deserve a treat for venturing out of the safety and relative-ease of my living room.  A new cupcake store? Why yes, that sounds delightful.  If nothing else, I get to talk to the adults serving me up these treats and adult-interaction is oh-so-needed--the cherry-on-top--to take the metaphor too far. 

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