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the lotus momma

Monday, February 21, 2011

quick fix: drafty windows

At the beginning of winter, as the handy one in the household, I dutifully covered my windows with plastic to keep the cold air out and our heated air inside the apartment.  However, the rented apartment windows were obviously bought on the cheap and the layer of plastic stood no chance.  I know the next best thing to installing new windows for our landlord (no chance!) is to install heavy, lined curtains, but don't want to make the investment since: 1.  we don't know for sure we will live here through more than one winter, 2.  that is the only window in the back of the row house apartment, so heavy curtains would block our only natural light, and 3.  they are expensive!

I could have hoped that spring air would come as quick as the groundhog predicted (we got a few days of it), but began getting desperate for more warmth in that corner as the transition from DLO's bassinet to crib is imminent. 

Of course, you may be all set for this year...if that's the case, bookmark this one for next winter :)  For me, it was time for a quick fix...

I purchased a few yards of cheap white fleece online.  Fleece is ideal for this project because it has some stretch, so does a great job sealing the cold air out with just a few nails (I used 14 total on a very tall window).  [Of course, you could use any color you already have or like with your decor.  I think thick flannel would also work well with this project and lend a lodgy, winter feel.]  I started at the top in the center and worked my way down.  It fans a bit, but I like the decorative, yet unobtrusive look (see the close-up photo above) and I certainly appreciate the warmth and filtered sunlight (see after photo above).  I had a little bit of leftover fabric at the bottom, but instead of cutting it off, tucked it into the window sill, getting a little bit of extra wind-block at the base of the window.  Next time, I will intentionally purchase/use extra for this purpose. 

I will repurpose the white fleece for another project (saving $ and the earth!).  If the kids were older, I would have had them paint it first (like a hung art canvas) and then repurposed it for artsy throw pillows in DLO's room.

14 nails (if purchased separately would have been under 25 cents; I had a large container laying around from other projects, so free for me)
1.5 yards of white fleece (I bought online for $4 per yard, with shipping cost $12)
hammer (whatever you own or can borrow, will do)

total price: under $15 (under $10 if you live close to a fabric store)

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